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About Courtney

        Courtney Lynn was born in November, 1995 (26 years old). Since she was born, she was surrounded by music. Her father used to play in a band himself, so when he had kids, he wanted to share his love of music with them. Courtney received her first guitar at age 5 and started lessons at age 12. After graduating high school Courtney achieved an Associate's Degree in Music and Performing Arts from Middlesex Community College. She also still takes music classes from University of Massachusetts Lowell. 

            Courtney was previously the lead singer/guitarist in a band called Grace for two years. Immediately following her time with Grace, Courtney began to focus on her solo career. She has just recently released her first single on all streaming platforms "Wildfire". She has played in talent shows, coffee shops, restaurants, remotely online, and had the privilege to open up for the well-known Boston musician Chad Perrone. Courtney took some time off of playing shows in 2019 to finish her college degree and when the pandemic first hit. She is currently actively playing out again.

         Currently when Courtney has free time she likes to write and produce songs of her own. She takes time to learn new songs to cover constantly as well. Courtney has a Twitch channel and Tiktok page where she plays and shares her music as well. Music is one of the most important things in her life, "For me singing and playing the guitar is like therapy.." she says, "....all of my emotions are poured into the songs I play, it's amazing!"